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Although the first day of spring in Philadelphia was marked with a Nor'easter that created almost a foot of snow, the warmer weather is finally making its way into our city, bringing new life and energy with it. This energy is refreshing and is also a reminder that summer is quickly approaching-and with it the start of summer jobs! At PYN, we too have been energized the past few months thanks to many exciting accomplishments we've had as an organization. I could not be prouder of the programmatic and collaborative solutions we are building together and I am looking forward to the new innovative programs currently underway.

In February, the City of Philadelphia released the new citywide workforce strategy, Fueling Philadelphia's Talent Engine. We are honored to collaborate with leaders to create solutions that support employment and education goals we all share for youth and young adults. In the plan, assembled by the 40-member Steering Committee, PYN is committed to leading and supporting various goals and strategies focused on our city's youth and young adults, our future workforce. We are working intentionally to ensure that youth voice and mobile access are more prevalent. Our Youth Connectivity Pilot will provide comprehensive media production training, that enhances communication skills that youth can use in future careers. During this exciting time, PYN also launched the Youth Connectivity pilot that is providing comprehensive media production training through a partnership with WHYY, while increasing mobile access and amplifying youth voice.

In March, Philadelphia hosted the Sixth National Reengagement Plus! Convening sponsored by the National League of Cities with the National Youth Employment Coalition, PYN, Project U-Turn and the School District of Philadelphia as the core planning team. The two-day convening attracted nearly 250 leaders from across the country to engage in a robust discussion and interaction through workshops, three plenary panel discussions and site visits to various re-engagement programs across the city.

Other pilot programs beginning this year include Youth Entrepreneurship and Career-Bridging programs. Our entrepreneurship pilot will teach opportunity youth in the program the "entrepreneurial mindset"-a set of attitudes, skills and behaviors that students need to succeed academically, professionally and personally. The Career-Bridging program, will enhance participants' transition from healthcare CTE programs into occupational skills training, career immersion, credential attainment and work experience as either an emergency medical technician, medical assistant or pharmacy technician.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been busy, and throughout this year, we will continue the hard work fueled by our passion to ensure that young people have access to opportunity. All of this great work happening in Philadelphia continues to energize us and our commitment to our city, our partners and our young people. I hope that you are just as energized and will continue to work with us as we continue to build solutions to educate and employ.

Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend
CityworkforceCity officials work with partners including PYN to develop workforce development strategy
PYN is humbled to be a part of the cross-sector collaboration led by the City of Philadelphia to align workforce, education and training with the needs of our local employers. The city assembled a workforce strategy with input from the Workforce Development Steering Committee, which includes city officials, PYN, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia Works Inc., the School District of Philadelphia and Community College of Philadelphia and other local leaders. This ambitious workforce plan included the opening of an  Office of Workforce Development and the official citywide workforce strategy, titled Fueling Philadelphia's Talent Engine which was released in February.

With a focus on access to education and employment opportunities for young people, PYN will continue to ensure that high-quality experiences that will help connect our young people to opportunity are provided. Among the many goals and strategies in the plan, PYN will continue to:
  • Work with the Generation Work partners, the Department of Human Services, and Philadelphia Works Inc., to engage 
    4,000 opportunity youth and young adults, ages 16-24, in a comprehensive sector-based career pathway program leading to an industry credential and opportunity to secure living wage work.
  • Create 16,000 high-quality work experiences including summer jobs and year-round opportunities for young people with WorkReady partners such as the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, Philadelphia Works Inc., School District of Philadelphia and Urban Affairs Coalition.
ReengagementPhiladelphia hosts national convening bringing thought leaders together to strategize high school reengagement to postsecondary success

More than 200 leaders from across the country gathered on March 19 and 20 for the Sixth National Reengagement Plus! Convening hosted by the National League of Cities Institute for Youth, Education, Families (YEF Institute) with National Youth Employment Coalition, Philadelphia Youth Network, Project U-Turn and the School District of Philadelphia as the core planning team.

Building on the previous five national meetings, the Philadelphia convening's theme, "From Reengagement to Postsecondary," connected the strategies and programs mayors and city leaders have launched to help their young people attain the postsecondary credentials relevant to the local workforce. The two-day convening also provided participants opportunities to visit various re-engagement programs across Philadelphia and included the release of More than a Million Reasons for Hope, a report on youth disconnection by Measure of America. 

PYN hits the airwaves with Loraine Ballard Morrill
In February, President and CEO, Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend sat down with Lorraine Ballard Morrill to discuss how PYN builds solutions to educate and employ. The interview aired on both Power 99 and WDAS-FM. 
PYN is fighting poverty by connecting young people to jobs
Following the 2018 PYN Annual Meeting, Generocity interviewed President and CEO, Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend. The article focused on our workforce efforts as a strategy to alleviate poverty in Philadelphia and how employers throughout the city can get involved. The article coincided with the "hiring" month series at Generocity.
A conversation with Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend
The Philadelphia Sunday Sun sat down with PYN's President and CEO, Chekemma-Fulmore Townsend. The magazine style interview discussed 2020 Vision, PYN's three-year strategic plan, as well as the collaborative and programmatic efforts that PYN has built to alleviate poverty and inequity in Philadelphia and beyond. 
industryIndustry Highlights
More than a million reasons for hope:
Youth disconnection in America today
At the Sixth National Reengagement Plus! Convening, Measure of America released its report More than a Million Reasons for Hope: Youth Disconnection in America Today. The report notes that the number of young people who have disconnected from both work and school has declined for the sixth year in a row, however there are still 11.7% of young Americans who are disconnected. The report analyzes youth disconnected by state, metro area, county, and community type and by gender, race and ethnicity. 
Dismissed by Degrees: How degree inflation is undermining U.S. competitiveness and hurting America's middle class
The report, Dismissed by Degrees, focuses on degree inflation, the rising demand for a four-year degree and how it may be harming the middle class. The study found that in analyzing 26 million job postings, the degree gap was significant and workers who have relevant experience are excluded from consideration for positions based on not having a college degree. The research partnership consisting of Accenture, Grads of Life and the Harvard Business School gives key recommendations including how companies, educators and policymakers can work together for a systemic shift in preparing middle-skills workers for the workforce.
campaignOur Work
summerjobsSummer Jobs 2018
2018 Summer Jobs are just around the corner. The online youth application launched in February and closed on May 1. This year, PYN has contracted with 54 youth-serving organizations in Philadelphia, with summer job opportunities for ages 12-21. Programs will run 120-hours during the summer starting in July.

In March, PYN held its provider orientation at the Science History Institute, where representatives from the contracted youth-serving organizations came together to learn about important updates and changes for the summer.
ABOUT WorkReady
PYN releases Career Development Framework
PYN introduced its Career Development Framework, a data-driven resource to create a common understanding of what an equitable, high-quality career pathway system entails. You may have seen it at PYN's Annual Meeting, or in the City of Philadelphia's recently released workforce plan, Fueling Philadelphia's Talent Engine. We encourage you to take a deeper look, and consider ways this Framework can influence your work and your conversations.
PYN releases annual report, Blueprint for Success
At the 2018 PYN Annual Meeting, Blueprint for Success, the 2016-2017 Annual Report was released  which highlights the programmatic and collaborative efforts that have built a solid foundation toward our vision to alleviate poverty and inequity. Please use this a resource to share when explaining the work of PYN and how each partner, program and effort is piece of how we all work collaboratively to create effective change.
PYN's Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend keynotes Accenture's Getting to Equal
Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend was the keynote speaker at Accenture's Getting to Equal in Philadelphia. The event focused on the company's report that identified 40 workplace factors that create a culture of equality. In honor of International Women's Day 2018, some of the strong women from PYN's leadership team attended the event to learn about how technology and digital fluency can close the gender gap in the workplace by the core factors that influence advancement into bold leadership, comprehensive action and an empowering environment.
JobsJob Opportunities
PYN's work is grounded in our core values of collaboration, respect, responsibility, innovation and excellence. As we work to fulfill our mission, all PYN employees work hard to honor our core values. If you've been looking for a rewarding challenge, consider joining us. Send email cover letter and resume to for any of the current openings below:
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