PYN History


Since 1999, we've been proud to work in partnership to equip Philadelphia's young people with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in today's workforce. Through pivotal moments involving PYN leadership, and several key champions, we will continue to honor our past and dream the future.

PYN History

PYN releases

new strategic plan, 2020 Vision.

January 2017

PYN launches its

WorkReady Celebrations Tour that highlights youth who participated in summer programs.

August 2016

PYN served as the lead

on a $1M grant from the U.S. Department of Labor for the Pathways to Justice Careers initiative.

June 2016

The U.S. Department of Labor

announced Philadelphia as a winner of a $2M Summer Jobs and Beyond grant, PYN is the managing partner of the Hub.

May 2016

PYN President and CEO,

Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend honored by the White House as one of nine Champions of Change.

February 2016

Project U-Turn and

the city of Philadelphia convene education, business and community leaders for a GradNation Community Summit.

June 2015

Project U-Turn publishes

A Promise Worth Keeping: Advancing the High School Graduation Rate to show the increasing graduation rates and the decreasing dropout rates. The report was a follow-up to the 2006 Unfulfilled Promise, The Dimensions and Characteristics of Philadelphia's Dropout Crisis, 2000-2005.

June 2015

Jobs for the Future

and Aspen Institute award $6M grant to PYN to implement and expand post-secondary bridging services at four E3 Power Centers.

May 2015

WIA is reauthorized by

the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) opening a new chapter for PYN's leadership at local, state and national levels.

July 2014

Stacy Holland transitions

as President and CEO and is succeeded by Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, with Stephanie Gambone serving as Executive Vice President.

Fall 2013

Stacy Holland and WorkReady Philadelphia

are featured at White House Champions of Change event, including remarks from President Obama.

September 2013

PYN is awarded a major grant

from the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund to support and expand collective impact opportunities.

Summer 2013

Stacy Holland is a featured speaker

at the opening plenary session of the Opportunity Nation Washington Summit.

September 2012

Stacy Holland and Jenny Bogoni,

PYN Vice President for Partnerships, present information to White House Council for Community Solutions on Philadelphia's cross-sector strategies to promote dropout re-engagement.

July 2012

Tiona Butler, former WorkReady intern,

participates in White House Summer Jobs + panel, which included a visit from President Obama.

January 2012

Laura Shubilla transitions as PYN Co-president

and Stacy Holland becomes President and CEO.

July 2011

With ARRA funding, WorkReady Philadelphia

summer work experiences reach an all-time high of more than 11,200.

Summer 2010

DHS opens an Education Support Center

to equip staff with information on the educational status of youth in foster care.

Summer 2009

The School District of Philadelphia

and DHS open a "Re-Engagement Center" to assist returning dropouts to find appropriate educational programming and access to support services.

Summer 2009

PYN supports Council and WIB

through quick and effective administration of major funding increases for youth employment through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Spring 2009

Mayor Nutter reconstitutes

the Philadelphia Youth Council as the Council for College and Career Success (the Council), and broadens its mission to incorporate major citywide education and youth employment issues.

Fall 2008

PYN hosts the first

"Breakfast of WorkReady Champions," as part of the WorkReady concluding celebration.

Summer 2008

With financial support from

America's Promise Alliance, Project U-Turn holds series of four neighborhood summits on the dropout crisis, with results reported to leaders of the school district, city agencies and APA.

Spring 2008

In his first inaugural address,

Mayor Michael A. Nutter boosts Project U-Turn's work by pledging to cut the dropout rate in half over his term in office.

January 2008

PYN helps the PA Departments of Education

and Labor and Industry organize a state summit on dropout prevention and recovery, supported by America's Promise Alliance (APA).

Fall 2007

PYN establishes a new management structure

with Laura Shubilla serving as Co-President and CEO; Stacy Holland as Co-President and COO; and Melissa Orner as Senior Vice President.

September 2007

Philadelphia City Council provides

first-ever direct city appropriation for WorkReady Philadelphia.

June 2007

PYN rallies local organizations

to raise additional funding for WorkReady summer jobs based on the Commonwealth's higher minimum wage, which increases the costs and threatens to reduce the number of positions.

Spring 2007

The Greater Philadelphia Chamber,

under the leadership of Joe Frick, pledges to double the number of private sector summer internships to at least 1,000 for the 2007 summer (the target was met).

February 2007

Project U-Turn is formally launched

in major press event and "come back fair" at Temple University, along with the release of the seminal research report "Unfulfilled Promises."

October 2006

Joe Frick, incoming chair

of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and longtime champion of youth employment, establishes WorkReady Philadelphia as a priority for his two-year term.

Fall 2006

School District and William Penn Foundation

allocate funds to support Student Success Centers in seven comprehensive high schools.

Fall 2005

For the first time, the city's

Department of Human Services (DHS) invests funding directly to support E3 Centers, helping to sustain these programs as the federal Youth Opportunity Grant expires.

Summer 2005

Philadelphia is awarded a

Youth Transition Funders Group (YTFG) grant to enhance options for out-of-school youth, with PYN serving as convening partner. YTFG work eventually leads to the creation of Project U-Turn.

November 2004

PYN provides funding through

the Youth Opportunity Grant to support school-based staff in several high schools that become the basis for Student Success Centers.

Fall 2004

Stacy Holland is a featured speaker

at the opening plenary session of the Opportunity Nation Washington Summit.

Fall 2004

The school district establishes

the first three "accelerated high schools" to serve over-age and under-credited students.

Spring 2004

Based largely on a

William Penn Foundation-funded report by Youth Empowerment Services that identified a dearth of programs in the city for dropouts hoping to re-engage, the Youth Council announces a re-organization plan which, for the first time, establishes a subcommittee on out-of-school youth, thus creating a new vehicle to promote the importance of dropout recovery.

Summer 2003

The Youth Council and Workforce Investment Board

launch WorkReady Philadelphia with presentations by Mayor Street, Superintendent Paul Vallas and Lincoln Financial CEO John Boscia.

Spring 2003

Mary Jane Clancy resigns

as PYN's first President and is succeeded by Laura Shubilla. Laura Shubilla, Stacy Holland and Melissa Orner, who had been working with Mary Jane on School-to-Career efforts, agree to work together to sustain and grow PYN as an independent organization beyond its initial connections and dependence on the school district.

June 2002

Incoming Council chair, Pamela Crawley

(now Pamela Browner-White) of Citizens Bank, announces her intention to launch a new coordinated citywide youth employment program, which eventually becomes what it is known as today, WorkReady Philadelphia.

Spring 2002

PYN wins first of several

competitive procurements to continue management of WIA and TANF youth funding on behalf of the Workforce Investment Board (now Philadelphia Works).

Winter 2002

PYN initiates the summer concluding celebration,

now known as the Expo, which highlights outstanding projects created by youth during their summer work experiences.

Summer 2000

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

(DPW) establishes the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) youth development fund to augment WIA Youth Activities, which will become a mainstay for Philadelphia summer programming and eventually for the E3 Centers.

Spring 2000

Through a partnership of PYN,

the school district and Youth Empowerment Services, Philadelphia receives a $20M, five-year Youth Opportunity Grant, to establish youth education and employment centers in three communities across Philadelphia, which will eventually be rebranded under its current title, E3 Power Centers. The Youth Opportunity Centers focus on re-engaging youth who have left school and/or are court-involved. The grant includes an in-school component to help students stay engaged in school. This program, Rewarding Youth Achievement, is a precursor to the Student Success Centers.

Winter 2000

PYN organizes and operates the first

meeting of the Philadelphia Youth Council (now known as the Philadelphia Council for College and Career Success), co-chaired by Rosemarie Greco and school district Superintendent, David Hornbeck.

November 1999

Through the heroic efforts of new staff,

Laura Shubilla and Stacy Holland, PYN implements its first enriched summer jobs program known as "YouthWorks," which included work and service-based experiences and learning projects for more than 5,000 youth.

Summer 1999

Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN)

is formally incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) intermediary organization housed within the School District of Philadelphia to support and lead the new youth workforce system envisioned by WIA, while sustaining School-to-Career programming making connections between educational and career success, and classroom curriculum and real-world applications. Mary Jane Clancy, longtime head of the school districts' Office of Education for Employment, is named the organization's first president. Rosemarie Greco, former President and CEO of CoreStates Bank and head of the former School-to-Work Leadership Council, becomes the first PYN Board Chair.

February 1999

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

is passed requiring local Youth Councils, and funding research-based youth employment programs.

Fall 1998
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