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WorkReady takes the streets of Philadelphia on bus tour to showcase youth success

Program supporters are traveling to seven different work sites across the city to see youth demonstrate what they have learned and accomplished throughout the summer.

Category: WorkReady | Aug 10, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, PA (August 10) - On August 10 and August 11, WorkReady Philadelphia is hosting a citywide bus tour showcasing the accomplishments of the youth and young adults who participated in the program this summer. WorkReady supporters, including funders, government officials and other partners on the buses will have the opportunity to see and learn from the youth who participated in the summer program.

"The 2016 WorkReady Celebrations Tour puts a spotlight on our  youth,  who worked hard and accomplished so much during their summer program this year,” said Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN), the organization that serves as managing partner of the WorkReady Program. "We are so proud to take our stakeholders all around the city, showing them a glimpse of the WorkReady summer programs success – straight from the youth themselves. This authentic experience allows us to also celebrate with our young people and partners citywide.”

Over the course of the two days, seven different worksites are being visited on the tours, those sites experiences will include:

Wednesday, August 10

United Communities Southeast Philadelphia

Projects and presentations at United Comunities Southeast Philadelphia will include two different components. The music club will be performing pieces inspired from different countries all over the world. There will also be a health and wellness group that will show a video about their urban farming projects.

Asian Americans United

Projects and presentations at Asian Americans United will be focused on a community meeting of people’s thoughts and struggles on voting. The information at this meeting will be based on student interviews with residents in the Chinese community. For the duration of the summer program students focused on 21st century skills by having the opportunity to problem solve and interact with a diverse group of people. Students participated in non-partisan civic engagement opportunities to register citizens to vote, primarily in the Chinese community. Afterwards students worked together and created a presentation centered around their findings.

Temple University – University Community Collaborative (UCC)

At Temple University, University Community Collaborative, the presentations will include a variety of exciting art projects which will feature four main projects:

  1. Reclaiming Ourselves: A photography series where youth will describe a piece of their identities, including bodies, emotions and neighborhoods.
  1. ‘Breakin’ It Down’: A brief history of street art - youth will produce short videos breaking down the local history of street art.
  1. Polarizing the Issue: Spoken word poetry - youth will use their poetry to move an audience on a social issue.
  1. POPPYN News Episode: Guests will watch a short video all planned, shot and produced by youth in the program regarding the issues young people care about in this year's Presidential election.

Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory

The program at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory provides an engaging experience for youth, focusing on boat building, sail making, sailing and the environment. Youth at this program will showcase actual boats that they have built this summer as well as their skills in rowing. Visitors will also be able to take a ride on one of the boats built by the youth in program, with those same youth acting as rowing instructors.

Thursday, August 11

Caring People Alliance

The closing program will reveal how youth viewed data analysis, conducted experiments, and used a STEM-based approach to summer employment. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four themes, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. During the youth presentation a science fair will take place. Youth will use stations to display how certain substances change the natural behavior of living organisms.

Urban Affairs Coalition, Community College of Philadelphia

The Urban Affairs Coalition is hosting a digital media day. Stations will be set up around the room covering photography, story writing, video testimonials, and social media.

Temple University – Information Technology and Society Research Group (ITSRG)

At Temple University Information Technology and Society Research Group (ITSRG), guests can visit 12 stations where youth will be showcasing their work on the integration of technology as it relates to community need. These stations will include asset mapping, art installations, mobile fitness apps, game apps, and live demos of soundproofing techniques.



About WorkReady Philadelphia

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