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More Than 50 Philadelphia Youth Celebrate Obtaining GEDs at E3 Centers’ Graduation

Category: Project U-Turn | Jul 11, 2014

Philadelphia - On Thursday, June 26, more than 50 young Philadelphians celebrated obtaining their GED through one of four E3 Centers across the city at the annual E3 Graduation Ceremony.

E3 Centers takes a neighborhood-based, holistic approach to preparing out-of-school youth and youth returning from juvenile placement to achieve long-term educational, career and personal goals, including self-sufficiency. Philadelphia's E3 Centers are designed to provide supports along three interrelated pathways: Education, Employment and Empowerment - the three E's. Philadelphia Youth Network serves as the managing partner of the E3 Center’s initiative.

“We are ecstatic to be celebrating and honoring another round of GED graduates this summer,” said Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Youth Network. “We could not be more proud of these students for achieving their goals and using this degree as a stepping stone to reach even higher success and accomplishing even greater goals in the process.”

Marilynn Boyer, a 2014 E3 Center graduate and valedictorian says her only goal was to obtain her GED and figure everything else out later. “When I got to The E3 Center, I discovered all that they had to offer and it pushed me to take my education further, I was amazed at how these people who had never met me a day in their life saw so much potential in me and knew things about me that I, myself had yet to even discover.”

Boyer is now enrolled to continue her education at The Community College of Philadelphia. “I am very thankful for the opportunity that both The Philadelphia Youth Network and The E3 Center have provided for me. The staff at E3 helped me to become a woman that my daughter could be proud of. They helped me to become a woman that I could be proud of.”



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