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Philadelphia Youth Network Hosts Engage 2014: A Conference for Youth Program Staff

Category: PYN | Jun 19, 2014

Philadelphia - The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) recently hosted its annual conference for youth program staff at WHYY Studios to a sold-out crowd of providers and other youth-serving, nonprofit organizations on Thursday, June 19. Participants attended interactive workshops that shared strategies around youth engagement.


Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend, President and CEO of PYN said the conference was designed to give providers' skills and helpful techniques needed to support their work environments, "The goal of Engage 2014 is to ensure our providers feel prepared and are equipped with ideas, resources and strategy around youth-serving programs as we prepare for the official start of our summer programs," she said. "Session topics included media and technology in the classroom, sports-based youth development, social emotional supports for youth and much more to create a well-rounded, interactive discussion."


After the conclusion of the last session, participants were invited to watch highlights of "We Could Be King" Directed by Judd Ehrilch, "We Could Be King" is a documentary that explores the long-standing rivalry between Philadelphia-based high school football teams, Germantown High School and Martin Luther King high school.


This conference served as an informational tool for youth program staff to learn skills and helpful techniques needed to support their work environments. 

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