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Shadowing Day 2009


Category: PYN | Jan 1, 2009

88 Businesses welcomed Philadelphia public high school students into their offices
to learn about career opportunities and what it takes to succeed in the world of work

It was more than just business as usual on February 3, as local businesses and organizations hosted over 1,300 freshmen from public high schools across the city as a part of Shadowing Day. A total of 88 businesses participated in the annual event, which is part of the WorkReady Philadelphia system of programs.

Shadowing Day, a one-day career exposure opportunity for ninth grade public school students, allows students to be exposed to career opportunities in their areas of interest by giving them the chance to be in a real work environment and be paired with a workplace mentor. In addition to sharing their professional expertise, mentors advise students on topics such as essential skills for the workplace, professionalism, and the importance of education to career and economic success. Students also sit in on meetings and work on skill-building projects with their mentors.

With the growing success of Shadowing Day and other WorkReady Philadelphia programs, more and more sponsors are needed to provide these crucial experiences that prepare students for the world of work, and to help them to understand the importance of completing high school and earning postsecondary credentials. Through WorkReady Philadelphia, employers can give deserving young people their first break – helping them to make connections and cultivate skills that can make all the difference.

WorkReady Philadelphia is managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) on behalf of the Philadelphia Council for College and Career Success, a subgroup of the Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board. The following organizations comprise WorkReady Philadelphia's employer recruitment partnership: the City of Philadelphia, Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia Academies, Inc., Philadelphia Youth Network and the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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