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St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Lockheed Martin graduate WorkReady Apprentices

Category: WorkReady | Jun 1, 2004

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children Honors Graduating Interns
WorkReady Philadelphia Interns Celebrate their First Break, Step into the Workforce
Philadelphia, June 18th: Ready for the real world? These students are. After months
of working side-by-side with nurses, doctors and medical technicians and learning the
foundation skills for health-care careers, 25 students graduated both high school and
an apprenticeship, and pre p a red to head off for college or step into the workforce.
St. Christopher Hospital for Childre n ’s graduating interns – all from Olney and
Kensington High Schools in North Philadelphia – completed the last year of a 3-year
work-based learning program integrating shadowing days, academic credit and onthe-
job training in some of St. Christopher’s most challenging and high-pressure

St. Christopher’s is a lead partner of WorkReady Philadelphia, which offers students
training and paid internships in professional, high-level work settings. Over 7,000 students
a year get their first break through WorkReady, and many of the students graduating
the St. Christopher’s program have already been off e red full-time employment.
WorkReady Philadelphia is a collaborative venture of the private sector, the City, the
School District of Philadelphia, and the foundation community to build tomorrow ’s
workforce .

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