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Testimony of Laura Shubilla to Philadelphia City Council's Committee on Labor and Civil Service

Category: WorkReady | Mar 1, 2004

March 15, 2004, 10 am
Mr. Chairman, Members of City Council, my name is Laura Shubilla. I am the
President of the Philadelphia Youth Network. I appreciate the opportunity to
appear before you today to discuss some of the ways in which Philadelphia youth
are being prepared to become active and productive members of the future
Background. The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) is a not-for-profit city-wide
workforce intermediary organization developed to promote academic
achievement and career success for 14 to 21 year-olds in Philadelphia. We staff
the City’s Youth Council, which is a statutorily mandated subgroup of the
Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board (WIB), and we also administer federal
funds made available to the Philadelphia WIB. In addition, we work to improve
the quality of programs and services available to Philadelphia youth by building
the capacity of local youth service organizations, promoting the adoption of
research-based effective practices and leveraging new funds for local youth
workforce development efforts.
In short, the core mission of the Philadelphia Youth Network is to prepare City
youth for productive employment and active citizenship by providing organized
and comprehensible pathways into the mainstream economy that result in
positive education and employment outcomes.
Over the last five years, the Philadelphia Youth Network has promoted the
creation of a comprehensive and comprehensible system that provides clear
access points for both employers and young people, and that aligns resources
available to the City with a set of shared goals and outcomes. In order for this
system to be effective, quality preparation for youth must be combined with
opportunities provided by willing employers. These opportunities differ based on
the age and readiness of young people, ranging from exposure to different career
areas, especially high growth sectors in our region, to internships, summer jobs
and long term employment. Read More

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