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PYN Youth Ambassador Awarded Sun Life Rising Star Scholarship

PYN's program also recognized with a grant

Category: Project U-Turn | Oct 11, 2011

The Sun Life Rising Star Awards program recognizes and provides resources to students in underserved communities who are committed to furthering their education and the nonprofit organizations who support them. PYN received the grant to support the efforts of its Youth Ambassadors Program and in honor of one of the Ambassadors, Ramean Clowney, a student at Fairhill Community High School.  Ramean will receive a $5,000 scholarship for college. PYN’s grant will support a new dropout prevention effort led by the Ambassadors that will help over-aged, under-credited middle-school students by offering a support structure designed to provide at-risk students with allies as they transition from middle school to high school.  Conceptualized as part of a brain-storming activity in which young people were asked to develop a strategy to reconnect youth who are on the verge of dropping out, the fuller project plan is the joint brainchild of the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN), the PYN Youth Ambassadors and staff from the School District of Philadelphia’s Re-Engagement Centers. Mr. Clowney and two other recipients were suprised to learn of the award at a ceremony at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Stories appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer and on CBS3.

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