PYN has built solutions for education and employment that include both programs designed for young people, and collective impact efforts that change the landscape for maximum results.

Collaborative Solutions


A citywide effort to address the skills gap by convening partners, employers, leaders of youth-serving systems and youth to build a coordinated approach to preparing young people for future employment.

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Project U-Turn

An alliance that unifies partners to increase the graduation rate and prepare young people for future opportunities.

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Programmatic Solutions

Year-Round employment programming
is important for both in-school and out-of-school youth. Being employed throughout the year allows young people to continue to build the skills and connections necessary for future success toward a viable career pathway.

Population served Pathway offers
Out-of-school youth without a credential
16 - 24
Connection to educational support (GED, diploma attainment) and into a career pathway
Out-of-school youth with a credential
16 - 24
Support in obtaining industry-recognized credentials or post-secondary acceptance into their career pathway choice
In-school youth
16 - 21
Assistance applying to college, identifying a career path and support through after school programs
Out-of-school youth or youth involved in the juvenile justice System
E3 Power Centers are neighborhoodbased drop-in centers throughout Philadelphia, designed to offer a holistic approach to preparing disconnected young people for success through education, employment and empowerment. Upon completion of the E3 Power Centers program, graduates should begin their journey with sustained employment, earning a living wage.

Summer programming
is a critical entry point for youth employment, as many young people can dedicate time during the summer to learn important skills while earning a paycheck. For many young people, their summer work experience is their first job. PYN’s summer jobs program has four models that offer educationally-enriched work opportunities for participants ages 12-21. This continuum meets participants where there are in their journey to becoming career-ready:

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Population served Pathway offers
middle school students
Career Exposure explores soft skills and transferable experiences that careers require
no work experience
Service Learning participants collectively address real-work issues, problems, and needs in local to global communities
limited work experience
Work Experience participants have opportunities to experience and further explore a desired career path
prior work experience
Internship participants are exposed to careers otherwise not accessible to the teenage population, as well as professional development workshops


With a firm belief in the need to innovate new strategies, PYN pilots new programs to serve vulnerable populations facing barriers to education and employment. PYN facilitates processes to develop, import and replicate new approaches for vulnerable populations with one or more barriers to education and employment.

Post-Secondary Bridging

PYN Post-Secondary Bridging

Based in E3 Power Centers, the post-secondary bridging program is designed to dramatically enhance post-secondary success for Philadelphia’s opportunity youth, by re-engaging those who are disconnected from high school to be successful in dual enrollment.

The Hub at PA CareerLink® West


The Hub at PA CareerLink® West brings together community resources to connect youth and young adults in the West Philadelphia Promise Zone with employment and education opportunities, while also providing the individualized supports needed to succeed. For more information, visit

Pathways to Justice Careers

PYN Pathways to Justice

Pathways to Justice Careers connects young people who are in-school, ages 16-21 with mentors and advisors who provide supports needed to graduate high school and enter a career in the criminal justice or emergency services fields. By positively and intentionally building bridges between communities and law enforcement, Pathways to Justice Careers addresses systemic challenges.


PYN Pre-Apprenticeship

Pre-apprenticeships strengthen access to registered apprenticeships for disconnected young people ages 16-21. These programs bridge to registered apprenticeships, support retention with the apprenticeship for up to one year, include paid work experience and career-connected training.

Youth Connectivity

PYN Summer Jobs Impact Evaluation

The Youth Connectivity pilot provides a comprehensive media production training in partnership with WHYY for young people while increasing mobile access and amplifying youth voice.


PYN Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship pilot at E3 Power Centers expands and develops and entrepreneurial mindset and skills that will provide youth and young adults with pathways into entrepreneurship and careers in small businesses.

Career Bridging

PYN Career Bridging

The Career Bridging Program will enhance participants’ transition from the School District of Philadelphia Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs into occupational skills training, career immersion, work experiences, credential attainment and placement into subsidized and unsubsidized employment. For more information, email

Together we have accomplished a lot. Collectively, we are working to:

Create 20,000 education and employment opportunities by 2020.
Increase the high school graduation rate, while reducing the number of young people who disconnect.
Incubate innovative programs to help young people achieve academic and economic success.
Educate on critical education and workforce development policies.
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