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Our Work

PYN works with partners to create a continuum of experiences that help young people develop the skills they need to be prepared for a career. We offer programs that operate in the summer, school year and year-round. PYN also supports citywide efforts and offers supportive services that help young people succeed.

Citywide Efforts

Project U-Turn

An alliance that unifies partners to increase the graduation rate and prepare young people for future opportunities.

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Summer Youth Employment Cabinet

The Summer Youth Employment Cabinet is comprised of a group of individuals, foundations and organizations that have come together to support summer jobs. The Fund creates new opportunities for young people to gain the skills and work experience they need to succeed in today's economy – as well as contribute to economic growth in the coming years.

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Programmatic Solutions


workforce preparation programs

WorkReady programs help youth prepare for careers through opportunities for awareness, skill building and paid work experience. Programs serve youth and young adults 12-24-year-olds in Philadelphia. For many young people, these experiences are a critical first introduction to the world of work. There are two phases of programming: WorkReady Summer and WorkReady School-Year.

WorkReady School-Year is by invitation only.

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WorkReady Summer is now accepting applications!

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Year-round supportive services

Previously known as E3 Power Centers, E3 provides year-round education, employment and empowerment services for youth and young adults in Philadelphia. E3 delivers critical academic skills and employment readiness training to 16 to 24-year-olds in Philadelphia who are out of school or work. E3 services help young people take the next step toward a career through holistic, individualized support in education, employment and empowerment.

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